Sandwich Bread Machine Set

Sandwich Bread Machine Set

Dough processing sets are used integratedly and provide a complete baking solution for a wide variety of loaf bread types including sandwich bread and toast. This system has a capacity to produce 1500-2000 loaves per hour and covers the entire dough processing. It covers the entire process of dividing the dough in the required weight, and then shaping, working, rounding, and proofing the dough. They enable standardization while reducing labor and production costs. They are widely used by high capacity production units due to their low investment and reduced production costs.


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Dough Processing Set
Unit Sandwich Bread
Capacity Pcs 3000
Grammage Interval gr 50-250
Electrical Connection 380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Power kw 5
Dough Entry Height cm 150
Dough Exit Height cm 90
Speed Control Optional
Grammage Control Manuel
Grammage Sensitivity +/- 3%
Number of Units pcs 4
Processing Time min 7-9
Processes Cutting-Rounding-Proofing-Moulding
Weight Kg 1400
Dimensions(Width) cm 250
Machine Depth cm 300
Machine Height cm 230