Convection Ovens

Warm air circulating Ekmak convection ovens provide good quality products with perfect end results using consistent technology while displaying the products right by the customers. With their heat distribution system, they are able to produce evenly and perfectly baked products. Not only they produce excellent quality products, they also exhibit an image of modern production to the selling point. These ovens are used with a proofing cabinet and they ensure safe storage, fermentation, and safe transportation of the products to the customers. They stand out with quality stainless steel material which gives them an enduring quality and makes it possible to work for long hours. These ovens are also environment friendly as they consume less electricity, protecting both the environment and the business. They are suitable for baking all kinds of pastry products and bread for different businesses such as bakeries, boulangeries, cafe shops, restaurants and hotels. What sets them apart from their equivalents is that, these ovens can also bake heavy massive bread with its powerful steam support. Ekmak convection ovens are ideal for baking at the selling points as they combine great design, quality material, efficiency, and professional after-sales support. Products that are baked at the selling point, right before the customer’s eyes will be appetizing and make money generating selling points.

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