Dough Kneading Machines

Dough mixing and kneading machines can be divided into 3 groups as spiral dough mixers, fork arm dough mixers and pastry mixers. With time and speed settings, spiral arm mixers enable high capacity production while producing perfectly homogenious products in a short time with their high control ability. They facilitate kneading different types and amounts of dough in the same machine while scraping well the bottom of the dough container. Manufactured with analogue and digital control, these mixers are equipped with 304 quality stainless steel containers, spiral arms and dividers. They are highly in demand due to their durability and low maintenance need. These machines are sought after by conventional bakeries as well, since they also have the conventional dough container with the one way spin mixing fork. Added to that, planet mixers are highly preferred for mixing and preparation of cakes, and other flour goods that have eggs, and these mixers are essential for patisseries that produce a wide variety of flour goods.