Stone Based Deck Ovens

Ekmak’s Stone based deck ovens are suitable for those looking for convention and high scale production. They stand out with their minimalist design, durable quality, and ability to bake maximum surface. Added to that, stone based deck ovens are favored for their low fuel cost and high scale production ability. They are especially ideal for baking traditional bread and a variety of other flour products. They guarantee low energy consumption and heat loss prevention thanks to their isolation system, efficient heating unit, and heat circulation system. They are also capable of maintaining the acquired level of heat for a long time, thus lowering fuel costs. While offering a cost efficient solution for baking, these ovens also provide a facility to load and unload products. Ekmak’s stone based deck ovens are widely used by many baking businesses with different needs such as bakeries and patisserie shops, as they combine conventional design and high technology.

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