Design and Engineering

Whenever EKMAK gets an order for bread production equipment, the transfer of engineering services and technical knowledge is essential. Industry experience is without a doubt the basis for a successful production equipment. From the simplest piece of equipment to the most complex turnkey project, Ekmak Design Team aims to provide our customers with effective and feasible solutions. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with our expert staff on the production of bakery and pastry equipment designed according to every area, capacity and need. From complete dough processing systems to mobile ovens, Ekmak can offer tailor-made industrial solutions for the bakery sector.

Ekmak Makina has been serving machinery and engineering needs of its customers for around 35 years. Modern machinery parks, state-of-the-art production techniques, skilled technical and experienced engineering staff enables us to provide all the necessary machines, equipment and system solutions with our knowledge in the field, making production of pastry and bakery products efficient, profitable and easy to handle.

Some of the services we offer are as follows.

  • Custom designed production lines
  • Mobile bakery
  • Complete bread production lines
  • Complete dough processing lines
  • Specially designed cooking units
  • Custom industrial ovens
  • Storage systems / solutions
  • Special Purpose Drying and Cooking Units

Our successful technical design team, well-trained production and installation staff and good after-sales services will guarantee our company’s success and your success. Automation is as important as technical details in the process of designing equipment specific to the customer’s needs. We are constantly working to produce sectoral solutions whatever the needs, taking into consideration the needs and desires of the customer.


It is recommended that maintenance and repair activities should be performed by EKMAK authorized personnel only in order to extend equipment life to ensure long service time and efficiency.

  • Periodic maintenance by authorized service;
  • Extending the service life of the equipment,
  • More efficient and cost-effective use of equipment,
  • Preventing future failures,
  • It is important in terms of troubleshooting user errors.

You can contact us at [email protected] or call +90 530 344 0116 for information or to create a service record.

Spare Parts

Ekmak guarantees to keep stock of all spare parts of the machines produced for ten years (10) and to provide technical service wherever you are.

For all your service and spare parts needs, you can contact us at [email protected] or 0216 314 22 77.


Planning the installation activities from engineering perspective ensures the quality of the facility and ensures both budget and schedule adherence, guaranteeing overall status of the system. site management, site monitoring and professional orientation are some of the professionalism we bring on the ground.

  • Installation / Engineering and site management
  • Cost management
  • Field organization, preparation of field regulations and safety rules
  • Application of safety rules and field regulations
  • Ensuring quality requirements
  • Consistent coordination with the customer
  • Transport and Loading-Unloading services for trouble-free and safe shipment of machines
  • Our installation team ensures that the equipment is operational before leaving the customer site.

Possibility to install in the desired location at any time. (Unloading and installation of the machine during off-peak hours)

  • Removing the old machine
  • Final electricity, water, exhaust and fuel-gas connections
  • Machine control, test and performance evaluation after installation
  • Trial production at customer site.

Training and Consulting

EKMAK Makina started manufacturing machines in the early 1980s and entered the international field in the middle of 1980s. In the 90s, EKMAK operated around 10 bakeries and patisseries and gained considerable experience especially in bread production. Ekmak is an active part of Turkish bakery market for 35 years and has a deep understanding of the industry. Carefully approaching each business, the business of its customers as their own business has gained EKMAK, its current position in the industry. Beyond being a machine manufacturer and supplier for many customers, EKMAK acts as a consultant for their customers and a solution partner for all machine-related problems, both in mechanization, personnel training, and how to make the most of technology. It offers various services to its customers, from installation to after-sales troubleshooting, to adapting machines to customer’s place and products, to training and informing the personnel.

Technical personnel training, Machine user training, training and consultancy services that will make your business more productive with our sectoral expertise and engineering skills in line with customer demand in order to provide quick response and problem solving to simple machine failures and problems, consultancy services such as work flow and layout planning and equipment selection are some of the companies strong areas of expertise.

Technical Support

The timing is very important in bakery, Pastry and confectionary productions. It is important that the machines used in these plants are reliable and durable. Although EKMAK products work smoothly for many years with proper use, malfunctions and problems can sometimes be seen for various reasons. As Ekmak Makina, we have a regional service network and mobile service in order to intervene as soon as possible. In addition, we have spare parts stock in order to replace the parts that need to be replaced by the service as soon as possible. Revision and repair services are provided only for Ekmak brand products. Through our authorized service, fault response times in the four corners of Turkey it is very short. Knowing that our business is not just about, selling machines, we believe that the important thing is to be able to solve our customers’ problems at critical times.

Technical hotline – Regional authorized services – Mobile technical teams – Spare parts stock – Periodic maintenance agreements for failures – Descriptive manuals and simple troubleshooting catalog

You can contact us at [email protected] or by calling +90 530 344 0116 to get technical support.

If you have an EKMAK product, you can get remote technical support regardless of the age and warranty status of the machine


The warranty period starts from the delivery date of the product to the user. All EKMAK products are under manufacturer’s warranty against defects in material and workmanship. The components and accessories that come with the product are independently covered by warranty. The warranty does not cover mis use, ignoring use and maintenance instructions, unauthorized personnel intervention, transportation or change of the company.

The combustion chamber of Ekmak Furnaces is under the Additional Warranty regardless of the product warranty. 5 years from delivery date.