E-YMB Dough Rounder Machine

E-YMB Dough Rounder Machine

Before shaping and proofing, dough that comes in different texture and formation needs to be rounded and turned into little balls of dough, so they get to the right shape as final products. Dough rounding machines perform this job by running the dough on the conic surface through concave tubes, thus producing balls of dough with a smooth texture. To prevent sticking of the dough on the surface of the machine, the contact surfaces and the tubes can be covered with teflon coating upon request. Maintenance is easy and malfunction is minimal since they are easy to clean, practical, and durable. Conic rounder machines are essential helpers, made of stainless steel and designed to give you perfectly rounded balls regardless of the type and formation of the dough.


Dough Rounding Machine
Rounding CapacityPcs/hr1000-4000
Grammage İntervalgr300-1000
Electrical Connection380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Dough Entry Heightcm90
Dough Exit Heightcm100
SurfaceChannel and ConeAlüminyum
Flour Dustingcapacity2kgIncluded
Machine Depthcm100
Machine Heightcm160