E-MKF 1 Electrical Deck Oven

E-MKF 1 Electrical Deck Oven

Modular deck ovens are capable of baking different kinds of flour products at the same time, though each product type requires different temperature and baking time. These ovens can be easily used at small and medium sized production units, patisseries, hotel kitchens, and traditional bakeries. Thanks to their seperate decks which work independently of each other, it is possible to control each deck independently and bake different kinds of products regardless of temperature, baking time and steam level that each product type requires. This way, modular deck ovens can assure the quality of each baked product whether baked in a pan or baked directly. These ovens vary according to baking capacity, deck numbers, and sizes and they could be used with fermentation cabins if needed.


Electrical Deck Oven
UnitE-MKF 1
Baking Capacitykg/hr12
Tray Dimensionscm4*40×60
Baking Area1,00
Baking Surface Widthcm120
Baking Surface Depthcm85
In Deck Heightcm185-210mm
Dimension Widthcm150
Machine Depthcm130
Machine Heightcm130
Energy SourceElectrical
Electrical Connection380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Baking Timemin15-20
Max Working Temprature°C350
Heating SystemIndirectCeramic Resistance with  stone base
Heating CapacityKcal/hr20.000
Control SystemAnalog TypeDigital
InsulationRock Wool
Steam Pipe Connectioncm
Steam SupportInternalSteam Generator
Aspiration SystemInternal
Water Pressurebar3.4
Water Inletinch½”
Water OutletCollector3/4″
Min Ceiling Heightm2.7