E-SPM80 Spiral Dough Mixer

E-SPM80 Spiral Dough Mixer

Compared to classical fork arm machines, spiral dough mixers offer a convenience for easy production and low labor costs due their time and speed control facility. Ekmak’s spiral dough mixers provide homogenious kneading while preserving the nature of the dough, saving it from decomposition. With double motors and a sturdy design, they are reliable equipments and they work quietly. Working with a belt and pulley system, they are equipped with spiral arms and divider arms all made of 304 quality stainless steel. The spiral arm is guaranteed for breaks and damages. They render production easy for businesses with their digital and analogue control options and plumbing in facility.


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Spiral Dough Mixer
Unit E-SPM 80
Flour Capacity kg 80
Dough Capacity kg 130
Bowl Volume lt 200
Electrical Connection 380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Power kw (3,5-5,5)+1,1
Mixing Technique Spiral Arm Cutting Knive
Bowl Mobility Fixed
Bowl Rotation Speed One Way(rpm) 15
Spiral Arm Rot.Speed Rpm 100-200
Control system Analog
Time Control Internal
Speed Control Double speed
Water Feed Optional
Weight Kg 500
Dimensions(Width) cm 85
Machine Depth cm+LK17:O19 135
Machine Height cm 135