E-HYM100 Dough Kneader Machine

E-HYM100 Dough Kneader Machine

Classical fork arm dough kneaders are still widely being used today. These machines come with different capacity models ranging from 10kgs to 400kgs and are made of stainless steel. The fork which spins by a differential gear facilitates the kneading of the dough. Dough kneading mixers are widely used in traditional Turkish bread production.


Dough Kneader Machine
UnitE-HYM 100
Flour Capacitykg100
Dough Capacitykg150
Bowl Volumelt250
Bowl Diametercm90
Electrical Connection380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Electrical Powerkw2,2
Mixing TecqniqueFork ArmDifransiyelli
Machine Depthcm160
Machine Heightcm110