Baguette Bread Machine Set

Baguette Bread Machine Set

These sets carry out dough processing in two stages and they differ from the complete set as they require manual labor in the process for the dough to rest and develop in the right way. After the dough gets divided into required portions, dough needs to rest for a certain time before shaping. These sets are comprised of 3 units: Dividing and weighing, rounding, and shaping the dough.


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Dough Processing Set
Unit Baugette Bread
Capacity Pcs 1000-2500
Grammage Interval gr 100-600
Electrical Connection 380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Power kw 4
Dough Entry Height cm 150
Dough Exit Height cm 90
Speed Control Optional
Grammage Control Manuel
Grammage Sensitivity +/- 3%
Number of Units pcs 3
Processing Time min 2
Processes Cutting-Rounding-Moulding
Weight Kg 1000
Dimensions(Width) cm 100
Machine Depth cm 450
Machine Height cm 170