E-DFG 200 Rotary Rack Oven (Gas)

E-DFG 200 Rotary Rack Oven (Gas)

Being highly efficient, flexible, and enduring, EKMAK’s rotary rack oven provides a convenience and simplicity of using and maintenence. Due to its specialization and expertise in the machine and baking industry, Ekmak is able to provide a wide range baking solutions for all types of Bakery businesses. EKMAK ovens provide exquisite and perfectly baked flour products of all kinds, with the convenience of its rotary rack system and flexible production facility. Rotary rack ovens deliver high quality production with efficiency and low production costs. Known for their durable quality and sturdiness, EKMAK’s rotary rack ovens will never fall short of high quality production and they are suitable for large scale production for patisseries, cafe shops, central production units, catering firms, and bakery sections of grocery stores. Rotary ovens are designed to produce a wide range of flour goods from big size bread which requires strong steam to variety of pastry products such as simit, pastry, bun, cookies, cakes, hamburger bun, sandwich, and roll bread of different shapes and sizes.


Rotary Rack Oven (Gas)
UnitE-DFG 200
Baking Capacitykg/hr200
Trolley CapacityPieces1
Trolley Dimensionscm80x95x183
Tray Dimensionscm75×104
Tray CapacityPieces15-18
Distance Btw Trayscm8.Ara
Baking Area14
Machine Depthcm265
Machine Heightcm258
Energy TypeGas,Lpg,Lng,Diesel
Electrical Connection380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Baking Timemin15-20
Max Working Temprature°C320
Heating SystemConvectionalAir Circulation
Heating CapacityKcal/hr100.000
Control SystemAnalog TypeDigital
InsulationRock Wool
Door OpeningFrom FrontLeft
Door Opening Widthcm99
Rotation SystemTypeRotating Platform
Exhaust Pipe ConnecitoncmØ125
Steam Pipe ConnectioncmØ180
Steam SupportInternalCasette Type
Aspiration SystemInternal
Water Pressurebar3.Nis
Water Inletinch½”
Water OutletCollector3/4″
Gas Pressurembar21
Min Ceiling Heightm3.0
Ideal Area Requirement 16.5 (3.3 x 5mt)
Distance when door openm3.May