E-DFE 75 Mini Rotary Rack Oven (Electrical)

E-DFE 75 Mini Rotary Rack Oven (Electrical)

EKMAK’s mini rotary rack oven is ideal for high capacity bakeries that need to operate in little spaces that are also aiming for a wide variety of pastry products which they want to serve warm. Mini rotary rack ovens are able to bake a wide variety of flour goods such as bread, simit, cake, muffin, cookies, and baklava in a fast and cost efficient way while bringing together large scale production and low costs. In addition, these ovens enable artisanal production of flour goods even with a wide variety. If you wish to serve a wide variety of products, have limited space, and need a practical oven, our mini rotary rack oven will serve all your needs in the best possible way. Its compact structure, simplicty, and convenience allows for baking a wide range of flour products baking after baking. It stands out from its equivalents with its low energy consumption, durable quality, and practical design which make it possible to function for long hours without a problem. The oven’s key components are made of 304 quality stainless steel. It is equipped with a powerful steam system and a balanced heating distribution system which altogether delivers perfect results in flour goods whether they are matte, soft, hard, or crispy.


Rotary Rack Oven (Electrical)
UnitE-DFE 75
Baking Capacitykg/hr75
Trolley CapacityPieces1
Trolley Dimensionscm58x65x135
Tray Dimensionscm53×65
Tray CapacityPieces10-12
Distance Btw Trayscm8-12
Baking Area4,00
Machine Depthcm165
Machine Heightcm235
Energy TypeElectrical
Electrical Connection380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Baking Timemin15-20
Max Working Temprature°C320
Heating SystemConvectionalAir Circulation
Heating CapacityKcal/hr45.000
Control SystemAnalog TypeDigital
InsulationRock Wool
Door OpeningFrom FrontLeft
Door Opening Widthcm70
Rotation SystemTypeRotating Platform
Exhaust Pipe ConnecitoncmØ125
Steam Pipe ConnectionInternalCastte type
Aspiration SystemInternal
Water Pressurebar3.4
Water Inletinch½”
Water OutletCollector3/4″
Min Ceiling Heightm2.7
Ideal Area Requirement5 (2.5×2.0mt)
Distance when door openm2