E-BGT Baguette Moulder Machine

E-BGT Baguette Moulder Machine

Dough moulder machines can give the desired form and length with a smooth finish to the pre-cut and rounded bread dough and they come with different models according to the type of dough. Moulding stage of dough processing is tricky and requires craftsmanship. Dough moulder machines perform this job in a practical and effortless way. They are suitable for different types of bread dough in all sizes and length such as loaf, sandwich, baguette or toast. They can shape the dough into a French roll thanks to the adjustable rollers and cushions in the machines. The automatic flour sprinkle system prevents the dough from sticking to components and the wheels make it easy to move the machines. They are made of stainless steel with easy adjusting mechanism. They are also easy to clean and they make shaping possible in every form and length.


Baugette Moulder Machine
Grammage Intervalgr50-500
Electrical Connection380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Number of RollersPcs2
Number of PillowsPcs3
Dough Entry Heightcm140
Dough Exit Heightcm110
Band widthcm60
Flour DustingManuel
Machine Depthcm95
Machine Heightcm170