E-TKÇ Dough Divider Machine (Double Piston)

E-TKÇ Dough Divider Machine (Double Piston)

Dough divider machines have become essential equipments for profit making businesses. They are ideal for cutting different types of dough in the precise amount and weight while demonstrating this function with their special dividing method. While cutting the dough gently without harming its texture, these machines also make high scale production possible under busy working conditions. With their automatic system, they facilitate cutting the right amount of dough in an easy and sanitary way, which is the most critical stage of dough processing. They can work succesfully with a wide variety of flour products, such as different sizes of bread, and also local products such as bun, simit, puff pastry, flat bread, etc. These features make them very convenient for patisseries, bakeries, and production units. Depending on the needs of your business, these machine can be manufactured in different weights and production capacity.


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Dough Dividing Machine
Unit E-TKÇ
Cutting Capacity Pcs/hr 2000-4000
Grammage İnterval gr 50-250
Electrical Connection 380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Power kw 1,5
Dough exit height cm 85-100
Dough Bunker Capacity kg 50-100
Dough Dividing System Volumetric Vacuum Cutting
Grammage Adjustment Manuel
Grammage Sensitivity +/- 3%
Flour Dusting capacity2kg Included
Oiling System Pump Closed circuit
Oil Filtration 2stage Filter
Speed Control Bel-pulley
Weight Kg 500
Dimensions(Width) cm 70
Machine Depth cm 140
Machine Height cm 150