E-HA Dough Sheeter Machine

E-HA Dough Sheeter Machine

Dough sheeter machines enable working with different types of dough that have different textures in an easy and efficient way, which otherwise can be very difficult to handle if done manually. With arms folded, they take up very little space when not in use. Dough is compressed between two rolling cyclenders made of hard chromium coating and is rolled out perfectly. They are ideal for making baklava and croissant which are normally very tricky products to make. These machines are able to produce large quantities without any harm to the quality the product.


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Dough Sheeting Machine
Unit E-HA
Sheeting Interval mm 0,5-60
Roller Diameter mm 800
Roller Width mm 650
Dough Exit Height cm 85-100
Dough Capacity kg 50-100
Conveyor Dimensions cm 65×120
Number of Conveyors Pcs 2
Conveyor Height cm 90
Belt Speed mt/min 30
Speed Control Adj Lever
Electrical Connection 380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Power kw 1,1
Weight Kg 220
Dimensions(Width) cm 120
Machine Depth cm 300
Machine Height cm 130