E-DM154 Intermediate Proofer

E-DM154 Intermediate Proofer

Dough proofer machines allow for proper resting and working of the pre- divided and rounded dough for the required time, before processing the dough.  They come with different models for different amounts, texture and capacity of dough. They are modular machines since input and output sides can be changed depending on the working space conditions. The Stones upon which dough is rested, are made of a special kind of plastic that does not include harmful substances for humans. These machines are designed for easy use with all parts made of stainless steel. Even cleaning is easy with removable plastic stones which also enables production under hygienic conditions. Integrated with both the rounder machine and the shaping machine, dough proofer machines are crucial equipments for the quality of the dough at the final stage and for processing the dough easily.


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Intermediate Proofer
Unit E-DM 154
Capacity Pcs/hr 1500
Number of Pockets Pcs 154
Proofing time min 3-5
Number of Laps 7
Grammage Interval gr 50-600
Electrical Connection 380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Power kw 0,55
Dough Entry Height cm 100
Dough Exit Height cm 100
Pocket Diameter cm 16
Flour Dusting Included
Weight Kg 550
Dimensions(Width) cm 160
Machine Depth cm 90
Machine Height cm 220