E-NDO Final Proofing Room

E-NDO Final Proofing Room

Master bakers appreciate the fact that it is not only the baking process that determines the quality of the final product, but also the procedure that takes place before baking. Temperature and humidity levels are key factors in production which are just as fundamental as the timing for putting the products in the oven. Final proofing rooms enable preparing products for fermentation under controlled conditions and signal the perfect timing for putting the products in the oven. Thus assuring the quality of the products by perfect humidity and temperature levels. These rooms are used with dough humidifier machines and they provide individual solutions for fermentation and storing. They are tailormade for each bakery project, keeping in mind the special needs of each business. These rooms are manufactured with polyurethan thermal insulation or stainless sandwich panels. They are portable, easy to install and can be enlarged thanks to their lock panel system.


Final Proofing Room
Trolley Capacitypcs2-4-6
Humidity Interval%30-90
Panel QualityPolyuretanSandwich Panle
Insulation Thicknessmm60-80
Material QualittyOptionalPVC-POLY-SS
Dimensions(2 trolley)mt1,3 x 2,2 x 2,2
Dimensions(4 trolley)mt2,2 x 2,2 x 2,2
Dimensions(6 trolley)mt2,2 x 3,2 x 2,2