E-EL Flour Sifter Machine

E-EL Flour Sifter Machine

Flour sifter machines are used to seperate the fine from the coarse particles while airing the flour. They come in various capacities and models as portable or stable. They are very convenient equipments as they increase the number of produced items and make the businesses more profitable. They help increase the production by airing flour during the sifting process which increases the capacity of the flour to hold water. This process consequently improves the number of produced items and quality of the bread. Low capacity models are practical as they are portable, whereas high capacity models are stable and include a flour storing system. As per health regulations, all food contacting surfaces are made of stainless steel.


Flour Sifter Machine
Flour CapacityKg50
Sifting Timemin1,5
Helix HeightOptional
Number of MotorsPcs2
Electrical Connection380V /50-60Hz / 3P+N
Sifting SystemSilk
Machine Depthcm110
Machine Heightcm165