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Ekmak as an international manufacturer and provider for commercial Bakery machines is one of the leading companies in Turkey thanks to its expertise in manufacturing systems and technology combined with industry experience. Ekmak started its activities in 1985 by providing services to Turkish bread manufacturers by manufacturing a reliable dough dividing machine and therefore bring technological use and modern equipment into local Turkish Bakeries. Today Ekmak offers equipment and machines solutions starting from small Bakeries to high capacity production facilities, offering ideal machine solutions for wide range of needs and requirements. By adopting innovative thinking and customer centric approach, Ekmak can satisfy all customer needs while fulfilling industry requirements.

Experience in the bread making industry and technical know-how in machinery solutions enables Ekmak to offer reliable and professional business solutions while satisfying various customer needs and industry standards. By positioning the company with customer keeping creating value as primary objective, Ekmak bring value to their users by improving production process and product quality while lowering costs and increasing profitability.

Ekmak strives to create value by making production of baked goods easier and better. Ekmak machines offer durability and reliability while bringing simplicity and utilization advantages to production thus creating incomparable competitive advantage over its competitors in quality, price and benefit areas.

Our Vision

To become the leading company in bread and pastry making Machines in Turkey and in all potential markets.

Our Mission

Manufacturing effective, reliable and durable machines, embracing righteous and just business culture, providing competitive solutions that creates value while serving nature, economy and society in positive ways.