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Why Ekmak?

We know that today, a profitable company is not only about producing delicious bread and putting it on the shelf, but with in-depth industry knowledge. For the baker, easy and efficient management of daily tasks, reliability, easy to use and maintenance-free, dependable machines are another factor underlying the success. On the other hand, having a business partner who can offer machines and services with low operating, service, and spare parts costs and technical support is another important issue. For this reason, as EKMAK, we believe in the importance of providing the right solutions with the right prices at the right time, from the sale of the machines, to the installation until the after-sales services and support.

Providing quality and reliable machine solutions with our industry expertise

With effective and solution-oriented after-sales services offering accurate and competitive pricing

We serve our customers with an understanding that adheres to ethical rules and respects nature, laws and people.

All Ekmak Products offer

While offering Long service life and durable designs Ekmak machines provide reliability and long-term advantage for businesses.

Using Lean design and quality approach to become a reliable machine supplier for many,

With high quality components and materials used, we manufacture equipment’s to last and to serve as a constant part of your business for many years.

We are a family

We keep ethics a priority in our business, sincerity and standing by the customer is our core value, our promises means everything for us.