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Ekmak Our Policies

Quality Policy

Holding Quality embedded in our culture is a priority from manufacturing to management. In this direction we apply following policies;

  • Positioning our company in different markets at a right balance between quality, price and performance,
  • To take Ekmak as a brand a step forward in bread and pastry manufacturing ovens and machines to gain a reputable and trustworthy brand in markets it functions in,
  • To satisfy all customer expectations to a maximum degree while satisfying industry requirements for all machines developed and manufactured by utilizing all available engineering and technological possibilities
  • Building long term and solid relations with customers based on mutual trust to ensure creating a satisfied customer base,
  • Internalizing humane and faithful customer centric approach
  • Creating value with competitive products and services

Ethical Policy

As A business, our aim is to adopt and apply human-centered and ethical management approach. In this direction, our policy;

  • Ethical, Fair and Honest business management,
  • Building and developing transparent and open business relations,
  • To be a reputable and reliable Turkish manufacturer with the key principles of being and doing the right thing at all times,
  • Considering social and human values together with laws and regulations while making decisions,
  • Valuing Human and Labor

Health and Safety Policy

As EKMAK, our aim is to adopt and implement the management approach, considering occupational health and safety matters as a priority at all times. In this direction, our policy;

  • To provide equipment in compliance with occupational health and safety regulations and other relevant law requirements in all areas we operate
  • To continuously improve awareness towards occupational health and safety,
  • To provide ergonomic, healthy and safe work environments by reducing risks related to occupational health and safety and to prevent injuries and health deterioration,
  • To create and expand the occupational health and safety culture

Environmental Policy

As EKMAK, our aim is to adopt and apply the management approach that protects the environment. In this direction, our policy;

  • To comply with environmental regulations and requirements,
  • To minimize the negative effects of products to employees, customers, users and the environment,
  • To be sensitive to the environment in the use of natural resources,
  • To reduce the amount of waste arising from our products and services in all fields of activity and to prevent environmental pollution,
  • To contribute in creating environmental culture and to spread environmental awareness