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Whenever EKMAK gets an order for bread production equipment, the transfer of engineering services and technical knowledge is essential. Industry experience is without a doubt the basis for a successful production equipment. From the simplest piece of equipment to the most complex turnkey project, Ekmak Design Team aims to provide our customers with effective and feasible solutions. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with our expert staff on the production of bakery and pastry equipment designed according to every area, capacity and need. From complete dough processing systems to mobile ovens, Ekmak can offer tailor-made industrial solutions for the bakery sector.

Ekmak Makina has been serving machinery and engineering needs of its customers for around 35 years. Modern machinery parks, state-of-the-art production techniques, skilled technical and experienced engineering staff enables us to provide all the necessary machines, equipment and system solutions with our knowledge in the field, making production of pastry and bakery products efficient, profitable and easy to handle.

Some of the services we offer are as follows.

  • Custom designed production lines
  • Mobile bakery
  • Complete bread production lines
  • Complete dough processing lines
  • Specially designed cooking units
  • Custom industrial ovens
  • Storage systems / solutions
  • Special Purpose Drying and Cooking Units

Our successful technical design team, well-trained production and installation staff and good after-sales services will guarantee our company’s success and your success. Automation is as important as technical details in the process of designing equipment specific to the customer’s needs. We are constantly working to produce sectoral solutions whatever the needs, taking into consideration the needs and desires of the customer.