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Ekmak Activities

All is about Creating Value and offering Solutions

What we offer to our customers who work with us;

  • Improving the current production process and way of doing business
  • Improving production quality
  • Improving manufacturing processes
  • Reducing Costs
  • Bringing society to the highest level in economic and social terms

In this scope, besides the machines we manufacture indoor, here are some areas of activity where we perform sales, installation and support are as follows:

Sandwich, Hamburger, Roll Bread, shawarma Bread, bun Bread production lines, Bagels, Pastry, Mini Baguette, Donut production lines, Pastry production lines, Phyllo, Lavash, Pita production lines, Tortilla production lines, Ciabatta, Pizza Base, Panini production lines , Stress Free lines, Bread dough cutting and weighing machine (6 pcs), Spiral Cooling Towers and systems, shocking systems, Fermentation chambers and systems, Ergonomic and economical conveyor belt systems suitable for every demand, Horizontal packaging machines for all kinds of bread and systems, Installation of turnkey bakery products plants, Bakery machines, Bakery equipment, Bakery ovens, Dough processing and preparation machines, Baking ovens, Rotary ovens / Rotary baking ovens, Rotary ovens, Rotary kilns, Stone-based ovens, Matador ovens, Tubular Furnaces, Tubular Deck Furnaces, Tubular Rotary Furnaces, El electric ovens, Baklava baking ovens, Pita ovens, Pastry ovens, Convection ovens, Mini rotary ovens, Electric convection ovens, multideck ovens, Revolving table ovens, Classic ovens, Modular ovens, Combi ovens, Convection ovens with stone floor, Convection ovens, Pizza ovens, Dough preparation and processing machines, Dough cutting weighing machines, Automatic dough cutting, Volumetric dough cutting machines, Hydraulic dough cutting machines, Extruder type cutting machines, Cutting machine, Cutting rounding machines, Dough portioning machines, Rotomat machines, Sandwich cutting weighing machines, Industrial type cutting weighing machines, Dough rounding machines, Dough turning machines, Conical rounding machines, Conical turning machines, Dough resting machines, Intermediate resting machines, Final resting rooms, Resting cabins, Fe ramming rooms, Final resting rooms, Industrial type resting machines, Shaping machines, Dough forming machines, Long forming machines, Sandwich forming machines, Baguette forming, Dough kneading machines, Spiral mixers, Fork-kneading boilers, Planet mixers, Patisserie mixers, Dough kneading boilers, Dough mixing machines, Classic dough kneading machines, Boiler Lifting tilting systems, Automatic spiral mixers, Horizontal mixers, Stationary mixers, Mobile mixers, Production lines, Fully automatic bread production lines, Convection and tunnel ovens, Semi-automatic production lines, Bread and roll production lines, Sandwich and hamburger production lines, Pita production lines, Pita / lavash production lines, Bakery and fermented product production lines, Artisan and various bread lines, Mobile ovens, Silo systems, Complete processing lines, Industrial bread lines, Automatic loading and Feeding systems, Cookie lines, Flour mills, Compact flour mills, Other ancillary equipment, Water dosing and mixing equipment, Flour / dough storage units, Flour / dough transport units, Pallet transport trolleys, Pan transporters, Pan transport trolleys, Rotary oven pan trolleys , Deck oven, Chariot trolleys, Pasa trolleys, Fermentation / resting rooms, Horizontal slicing machine, Bread slicing, Sandwich slicing, Water meters, Water dosing, Water coolers, Water heaters, Air conditioning control units, Humidity control units, Steam control units, Freezer / Freezer storage units, Fermentation cabinets, Flour sifting machine, Stainless steel work tables, Sink benches, Work tables, Various baking pans, Storage and storage systems, Storage racks and containers, Dough preparation machine, Flour preparation machine, Baguette machine, Cookie machine, Chocolate machines, Cream machines, Pastry equipment, Cooking equipment, Cookers, Ice machine, Dough preparation machines, Dough-lavash lines, Cooking units, Dough opening machine, Pizza, Turkish pizza and pizza opening machine, Pizza lahmacun oven Automatic bagel binding machine, Galleta machine, grissini machines, croissant opening machine, dough rolling machine, industrial dough rolling machine, Bread and Bakery products Production lines, mobile ovens, Convection and Tunnel Ovens, Silo systems, Bread and roll production lines, complete processing lines, sandwich and hamburger production lines, automatic loading and unloading systems, cookie lines , Dough Weighing And Cutting Machine, Dough Rounding Machine, Dough Intermediate Resting Machine, Dough Shaping Machine, Final Resting Room, Rotary Car Baking Ovens, Multideck Ovens, Pastry Pastry Baking Ovens, Patisserie Mixer, Dough Humidifier, Flour Sifting Machine, Water Mixing And Measuring Instrument, Dough Kneading K Stone-based ovens, Matador Ovens, Tubular Ovens, Tubular Ovens, Baklava Baking Ovens, Pita Ovens, Electric Ovens, Convection Ovens, Modular Ovens, Convection Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Classic Ovens, Rotary Ovens , Dough preparation and processing machines